We are soooo lucky today! Kelsey’s Grandad is here talking to us about fossils. He has even brought some to show us. Some are hundreds of millions of years old. We are being very careful when we touch them.

We are getting involved…

This afternoon we logged onto EDUBUZZ and had a look at the pictures from todays whole school Eco Event.

We had great fun looking at all the pictures and reading comments that parents have left on edubuzz….. We even left some messages of our own.


Today p1/2 wrote some fab stories with the title … The Red Ball.

We were all thinking about, who? was going to be in our story, when? our story was going to happen, where? our story was going to take place and what? was going to happen in our story.



Last term P1/2 learned all about dinosaurs!


 We made different types of pictures of dinosaurs. We used what we had learned about the T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Pterodactyl and Triceratops to draw them correctly.



It’s only the 3rd of November but in P1/2 we started our nativity rehersals today. All the children chose what part they would like and some of them have lots of words to learn. Any help that we can get learning our lines would be useful!! Not all parts have a talking role but some do have a singing role or lots of actions.

Our nativity performances will be on Wednesday 14th December and Thursday 15th December 2011. We are currently limiting tickets to 2 per family to make sure there is space for everyone.