HELP! We came in after playtime yesterday to find a letter from Santa. He told us that Rudolph his red nosed reindeer has gone missing! He asked us if we could help to find him. We went outside and looked all around the school but there was no sign of Rudolph and his shiny red nose.

We decided to make some posters to ask people around the school if they have spotted Rudolph.

Can you help? Have you seen Rudolph? He might be

 hiding but his red shiny nose will still stand out.

4 thoughts on “RUDOLPH IS MISSING!!

  1. I’ll have a look on my cameras at the Seabird Centre to see if I can spot him. Do you have an email address I could send a picture to if I spot him?


  2. ohh yes
    We really hope someone finds him soon. Poor Santa is very worried.

    We watched the video of the seals today and we really enjoyed it. We shared it with P3/4 and we told them all about counting the pups. Our favourite clip was of the hungry pups! They were very cute and looked very cuddly. Ian told Miss Stirling that she definitely could not have one for Christmas and she would under no circumstances be able to keep it in her bath!

    • Hi Miss Wohlgemuth

      I have just emailed you a picture I took yesterday while I was on the Isle of May… there was a strange looking animal with a bright red nose, hiding behind some seal pups… can you class work out who or what it is?

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