25th Jan

Today we had fab fun with Miss Gordon. We talked lots about Robert Burns and Scotland in general. We used the laptops to make pictures of saltire flags. She was very impressed when we recited our Scottish songs and poems for her.

Lots of people thought our Burns competition was today but it’s not until Friday 3rd February. Although it will be after Burns day we wanted to make sure everyone had plenty of time to learn their song or poem.

Big Bird Watch

We are taking part in the RSPB’s big bird watch! We needed to attract some birds to our garden so we can see what kinds of bird are around our local area.

This afternoon we made some bird feeders to help attract the birds.  

Burns Competition

We are really looking forward to our Burns Competition on the 3rd of Febuary. We have been practising our songs and poems in school and I’m sure you have been doing the same at home.

If you need a hand with the tune for any of the songs click here. If your song is not on that page type the name into the search bar on the right hand side and it should come up!

One Rainy Day

Today it started to rain! We saw some snowflakes falling too but by the time we got all wrapped up and get out they had stopped. We had soooooooo much fun splashing in the puddles. We did end up with some wet socks! Miss Wohlgemuth is very sorry about the socks but it was a small price to pay for the FABBY time we had.

 One rainy day on PhotoPeach

Finger Patterns

Today we have been practising our finger patterns. Finger patterns are when the teacher tells us a number 1-10 and we show that number of fingers really fast! We are trying to flash these fingers without counting them out.

Welcome back!

Happy New Year!!

We were so happy to back at school yesterday. We had such fun talking all about the things Santa had left us and what we had been doing in the holidays.

This term we will be learning all about the weather and the body. We spent lots of time yesterday talking about what we know about the weather (and we knew a lot). We had a look at some books about the weather and came up with some questions which we are going to investigate……

1 – What makes a rainbow?

2 – How does the water get up into the clouds so that it rains?

3 – What is snow made of?

We had loads more questions and hopefully we will have time to investigate some more.