This week we are learning all about time. Today we had great fun making o’clock and half past times on our clocks. We worked with our partners to make and read each others times.

Shrove Tuesday

Today we talked about PANCAKES!! We learned that the official name for today is Shrove Tuesday and that it is the start of Lent. LWe learned that people make pancake today to get ride of the ingredients from their cupboards before the start of Lent.

Book Week

The week we come back to school (20th Feb) is book week. We will be doing lots of reading and book related activities. We will be making sure we have a book with us at all times and when Mrs Fleming rings her big bell we will start reading.

If you want some stories to read at home why not click here to read some online. Make sure to let us know about the books you have read at home and if you have any pictures we would love to see them.


Boing, boing, boing

We had sooooooo much fun today raising money for Literacy! We are hoping to buy some new books for our library so we have more of a selection for accelerated reading.

Just look at how had we have worked to raise the money……

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Weather Forecasts

We have been working in groups to perform a weather forecast for the rest of the class.

Ice Experiments

Last week P1/2 were investigating different ways of making ice melt.

Ice Experiment on PhotoPeach

So the outcome was that the ice in the hot water melted the fastest. We made a bar graph about all our ideas.