Sorting the veg patch

This afternoon we went out to sort the veg patch. After the holidays we are going to grow some more vegetables … turnip, brussel sprouts, sweetcorn and potatoes.

The sun has got his hat on!

Hip Hip Hip Hooray!! The sun has got his hat on and P1/2 are coming out to …. work today!
“We have been enjoying the sunshine. We took our maths box outside. We had so much fun doing our work in our lovely garden.” – Euan P2



Today we have been learning about baby animals being born in the spring. We found out all about the Blue Tit and how it builds a nest in the spring ready for its eggs to hatch.

We thought about all the things we would need to make a nest. We then went outside and built some nests of our own.

Building Nests on PhotoPeach


My Body

We have been learning all about our bodies. We have been thinking about all the different parts and what they are called. We cut out the jumbled out parts and glued them back together to make a person.

We are getting better and better at cutting.

Spring Fun

Spring is here!! We know because….

“Flowers are coming up.” – Ian

“The leaves are starting to get greener.” – Kelsey

“I saw good flowers. I picked them.” – Logan

“Hibernating animals are coming out.” – Ben

“Baby animals are starting to come.” – Ailsa

“It’s a good time to plant veg.” – Euan

This afternoon we have been printing to make spring pictures. Can you guess what we have made?

The Skeleton

This week we have been looking at the big picture we drew of all the things we have inside our bodies. We looked at the bones we had drawn, where we drew them and what we thought they were called.

We worked together to build a skeleton jigsaw.

 The Skeleton on PhotoPeach

We compared this to our drawing and realised we had put some of the bones in the wrong place and some of the bones didn’t look anything like we thought they did!

Numeracy and Maths Homework 6th March

We all love to play maths games in class. It really helps us to practise the different things we are learning about. Please have fun with some of the games. Your homework letter tells you what game you should practise but you can have a shot of the other ones too :)!

Please leave a comment to let me know how you found the games.

Click here for a cool counting up in 5’s game.

Counting up in 2’s games. Click here for game one. Click here for game two.

Click here for a fabby counting up in 4’s game.

Click here for a game to practise your adding.

Money Money Money

This week we have a supermarket in our class. We are trying lots of different roles- cashier, customer and ever manager! We are using money p1 – up to 20p and p2 – up to £1 to buy different things from our shop.