How the world began….

In RME we have been reading bible stories. When we started some of us didn’t even know what a Bible was! We were very lucky because the Elphinstone Children’s Church Club donated some beautiful children’s bibles to us. They have lots of picture and we are really enjoying the stories. Over the last week we have read the first few stories from the Bible. We were surprised becuase we thought it would all be about Jesus but so far he has not been in it.

We have been learning the Christian story about God creating the world in 6 days with another day for a rest. We have also met the first people on earth, Adam and Eve.

We had a visitor….

Today we had a visit from the SSPCA. This stands for Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The lady told us all about the animals that she rescues and helps.She told us what all pets need to keep fit, healthy and happy. She also listened to our stories about our pets.  

“All about words” by Harris

“We have been learning letters and now we learning words. We made some words from our Ditty Book.”

Choosing Time

We have some new activities in our class that link to our topic. We are really enjoying exploring them.


Our topic this term is Transport. We are learning about different ways to make journeys. We have made some giant modes of transport. We used these to make a nice display….