The Incredible Mars Adventure

This afternoon we got in a space shuttle. We went right up into space. It took us 9 months to get to Mars. When we arrived on Mars we got a shock. There was aliens all around our ship. Astronaut Kelsey was the first to go out the space shuttle.

“When I went out I felt a wee bit shy but it was ok. The aliens were scared of us!”

Then allĀ 16 astronauts went out. We met aliens. We all came back into the ship quickly because our oxygen levels were low! When we got back onboard, astronaut Theo had a baby alien in his hands.

We looked out the window and saw it’s Mummy and Daddy looking for it. We decided to give it back. When our astronaut went out to give it back, the Mummy and Daddy alien started to smile!

“When I gave the baby back I was nervous but when I realised it was special I felt happy.”

Then it was time to go back to Earth. We all got belted in and took off. It took us 9 months to get home.

We made some pictures during our journey home of what we had seen up on Mars.

By P1/2 Mars Adventure Space Team!