Talking Tuesday – Newsround 30/4

Today on newsround we saw a school that thought gardening was a good skill to learn. Sometimes in Summer we go out and look after the garden. This year we are having a whole week dedicated to looking after our garden.

We would like to …..

– Plant some new flowers, plants or vegetables. Maybe potatoes or carrots.

– Check the bug hotel is still ok and find more logs to put in it.

– Weed the garden.

– Put some grass seed on brown patches of grass.

We are really looking forward to getting muddy and learning about how to take care of our garden.

From P1/2


We love to work outside!

We are so glad the weather is getting better …. even if it still is pretty cold! We like it because we can take our learning ourside! Today we spent out mental maths time counting different things in our playground 🙂