Little scientists doing their research!

Today we were little scientists and we used books to help us research our topic of weather! We all wrote down interesting facts that we found in the books and even called down to England to see if the weather really was different there compared to Scotland like one of our books said!

Here are a few of our facts and pictures!

Abigail – “rain is lots of drops of water joined together in a cloud”

Arran – “some lightning strikes many places at once”

Avalon – “Frost and ice are frozen water”

Darcey – “clouds are made of tiny drops of water”

Faith – “the sun is bigger than the Earth”

Grace – “a very long time of hot weather is called a heatwave”

Harris – “Tornadoes are made of spinning wind”

Jamie – “snow is frozen rain”

Kelvin – “hurricanes can knock down houses”

Mason – “tornadoes look like dark spinning clouds of wind”

Max – “the sun gives us heat”

Matthew – “you cannot see thunder”

Oliver – “the sun goes away in a different country”

Sara – “the sun is bigger than the world”

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