What a week….

We have had a super time settling in to our new class this week. Mrs Paterson and Mrs Collier have been so proud of all of our fab attitudes. The P2’s have been great! They have really welcomed all the P1’s and have been such great role models.

Looking forward to full days next week P1’s!


Soapy Stars

Today Pamela came to tell us all about GERMS! She put some fake germs on a banana and asked Grace to hold it. Then Grace went around and shook all of our hands. When we looked at our hands under Pamela’s special light we ALL had the germs on our hands.

Pamela then showed us how to wash our hands really well. She said you need to wash them for 30 seconds and an easy way to know how long this is would be to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice while we wash.

When we came back and checked our hands again most of them germs were gone but some little sneaky ones still hid under our nails and in between our fingers.


 Soapy Stars on PhotoPeach

Back To School

It’s an early night all round tonight before the P2’s come back from their summer holidays and the P1’s have their very first day at school! It’s also an early night for me as it’s my first day back too after a whole year off. I hope that you are all as excited as me and we can help each other to settle in ……


See you tomorrow!!