Olden days Homework

We had a fantastic time this afternoon looking at old objects from the past. We had a homework task to speak to our grandparents/great grandparents or people we know, about what it was like for them growing up. It was so much fun talking to our loved ones and finding out things we did not know about them when they were little. Here are some of the things that people brought in.

We had an Atlas the was 114 years old, coins that were over 200 years old, an old fashioned doll, lots of pictures and other small objects such as watches and toys.

Thanks so much to all the parents, you are all amazing, the amount of information and time taken spent with your child was wonderful. the children really enjoyed learning and talking about all the things they had found out. Thanks again!!! Mrs Collier 032 027029030023019024031

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  1. Well done to all pupils and helpful parents. I popped into the class a few times and saw the most incredible artefacts. A great team effort and supportive parents!

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