Burns Afternoon

We have been practising lots for our Burns Afternoon. We have learned a poem called ‘Up in the morning early’. Everyone chose whether they wanted to say solo line, a duet or to join in the group chorus. We were EFFECTIVE CONTRIBUTORS because we worked as a team.



Successful Learners

Today we worked really hard writing instructions for Noah telling him how to build an ark. We learned about the kind of language used when writing instructions and we chose specific words for the start of each sentence. Mrs Paterson said that we had been SUCCESSFUL LEARNERS and we know that this is because ……



P1 Bookbug Feedback

The Scottish Book Trust are looking for feedback about this years P1 Family packs that they gifted to the children. There is a bundle of book to be won by one lucky parent/carer who completes the survey. There will also be a prize for school’s with the most responses collected… So help us win some books and take 2 minutes to fill in the survey!!

Click here to complete the survey!



PE – Central Net games/Cosmic Yoga

We have been learning how to hold a racket and balance different objects on them. We have also been learning to pass these objects to one another and how to throw objects in the air using an over arm throw.

We have also been doing some cosmic yoga in class, we find this very relaxing and fun.


 PE on PhotoPeach

Noah’s Ark

Our new topic this term in RME is Noah’s ark. Today we wrote letters to Noah suggesting some other ways he could have kept the animals safe from the floods. We had some great ideas such as flying carpets and huge towers!!

This afternoon we used a few different materials to build arks.


We didn’t use lots of colour because everyone knows arks are brown.


We both added bits.


We used all yellow bricks


We worked together


It’s better when you have someone to help


This block is a really special shape!


These bits are special and make the ark fly!!