Book Club

All the pupils attending book club have been enjoying sharing their favourite books and reading new stories.
Here is a picture of us sharing our favourite books.

We also read Rumble in the Jungle, we used musical instruments to tell the story and make sounds that you would hear in the deep dark jungle.

Chae Strathie! Author LIVE!

100_2844We enjoyed listening to the author Chae Strathie read some of his books to us. We joined in with his song about the Loon on the Moon. He talked lots about bedtime stories. We would love to hear from the parents about what bedtime stories they enjoy reading to us……

Bookbug Week 2015

As you may know 18th May – 25th May is The Scottish Book Trusts …


Tomorrow we will be getting involved by tuning in to a live steam from the BBC with author of Jumblebum and Loon of the MoonChae Strathie. (This can also be caught on iplayer if you want to watch later at home.)

There’s lots of things you can do to get involved at home. Click here for some information about BOOKBUG WEEK and how you can get involved.

Bookbug reading a bedtime story


We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the parents and carers who helped out with the bake sale today…. Whether it was baking, helping man the stall or coming along and spending some money. We really appreciate the effort that everyone put in.  

P1/2 enjoyed helping to sell the cakes and the work P2 have been doing on counting in 10’s came in really handy when working out peoples change.

We don’t yet have a grand total raised but as soon as we do I will let you know!!
Nursery and P1/2 Bake Sale on PhotoPeach


imagesWUMSQIYEOne of the things we are learning about this term is growing. Today we looked at what we know about growing and what we want to know about growing. It seems quite a lot of people know that plants and vegetables grow but not many people seem to remember that people and animals grow. We are hoping to learn about how seeds change into plants and how caterpillars change into butterflies!