What a GREAT week!


What a fantastic start to P1 and P2. Everyone has settled well into our new class. This is what the children have had to say about it…

“I loved playtime. Playing in the class and outside.” Ethan A

“I liked all the things in our class. I liked the castle.” Leah

“I loved everything about being in P2!” Mullen

“I liked meeting Mrs Scott and learning more French.” Logan

“I liked going on the monkey bars again. I missed the trim trail.” Keira

“I liked going out to play with the nursery.” Calvin

“I liked walking in the line to go places.” Lacey

“I loved all the new things in our old classroom. It’s more fun now!” Evie

“I like the castle. It’s fun to play in.” Eve

“I was brave at the trim trail. I am bigger to go on it now.” Olivia

“I like being big and in P1. I’m getting tall.” Ethan T

“I liked playing on the trim trail with my new friends in P2.” Cole

“I’ve liked everything in P1.” Kiara

“I liked doing things in this class and in the old playground.” Tilly

“I liked writing about my holidays and drawing pictures.” Erin

“I am bigger now and I like it because I can go more places on the trim trail.” Demi

“I liked when we went to see our friends in the nursery and when we made a birds nest.” Emily