HELP!!! Where are the boys and girls from P1/2?? Today they didn’t turn up for school but instead we had some cats, witches, a crocodile, Frankenstein, batgirl (identify unknown??), supergirl, some zombie pirates, a zombie prisoner, a zombie bride, some vampires, Pikachu, Captain America, a devil, a ninja, a skeleton and the joker! I hope the regular attendance of P1/2 find there way back on Monday!!

**(Well done parents and carers! Everyone looks AMAZING! Fab effort.)**


Today we were working on the computers.

“We were playing games. It was fun.” Ellie

“There was counting. We had to count the dragons and when they went through the tree they added one on and made a new number.” Ellen

“There was a mushroom game. We had to pull all the spots onto one mushroom and count them. It was easy.” Murray

“I played the flower game. I made the flower taller and shorter.” Rachel

“I played the flower game too. It was fun.” Aaron

Thursday 13th October

Yesterday we wrote stories about The Paramedic. We were working hard to make sure our picture had lots of details. Our P2’s were working on their capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

Today we have been doing lots of work on our phonics. We practised our letters through a variety of activities and Cole read us all a story! We did our handwriting and we made sure to TAKE OUR TIME.

We also did some work on our numbers. Some P1’s were playing an adding game on the laptops. Everyone else was working on their number formation!


We had so much fun reading and acting out ‘We’re going on a bear hunt.’ We loved running home away from that bear. We were also practising our bunny hops and skipping. We used these movements to play some team games.

101_9676 101_9677 101_9678 101_9679 101_9680 101_9681 101_9682 101_9683 101_9690 101_9691 101_9692 101_9693

Busy bees…

WOW!! What a busy few days.

We have been working on our Christmas card designs (**I apologise for even mentioning the c word before Halloween!!**) which will be available to order after the October break. I can’t wait for you to see the hard work that has gone into these from the children. They are really beautiful!!

We have also been working on our letters with some of us leaning the sh sound today. It’s a tricky one but we were FAB at finding it in words. Some others were working so hard today on their Ditty Books. Can a log jump a dog? Of course not!! HAHA!

In Numeracy today we were playing snakes and ladders. Some groups had it really hard having to use dice that had sums on them to work out how many spaces they had to move. It you have any board games at home why not have a play over the weekend. We have been looking at domino patterns so games using a dice would help us with our work in class… and you might have some fun too!!