St Andrews Day

Today is St. Andrews day. We read a story about St. Andrew and learned all about his life, his death and why he is the patron saint of Scotland. We wrote about things that we learned…..

Silly Handwriting!

This morning we did our handwriting a little differently….. We had paper stuck underneath our desks, so we had to lie on the floor and write. The children really enjoyed the silliness of it.

“It was hard because people bump you and you don’t do a great t.” Ethan A

“It was really funny.” Rachel

“It was so good.” Braegyn

“Because you were under the table it was fun drawing up.” Ellie

“It was amazing.” Kiara

“It was very difficult to keep the pen straight. It won’t be as neat as my jotter.” Leah

11 people thought the work produced would be neater than their jotter work and 8 people thought it would be messier than their jotter work. We are excited to take the paper down later and see the results!!



Christmas Assembly

This week we have started the rehearsals for our nativity performance for the Christmas assembly.  We have been learning where to stand, the sings to sing and all our words. If your child has a speaking part in the play they will already have had their words home. Please can you practise them with your child. They will need to have memorised their words and be able to say them in a big loud voice. Thank you for all your help. It’s set to be a FAB performance!!

P1 are handwriting!

P1 have been working really hard so far this year on their fine motor skills. We have just started our very first handwriting jotters this week. They have been working on making sure they are using the correct formation for their letters and that they are very neat! Well done P1.

Role Play Area

We are beginning to set up a police station role play area in our classroom. We have made some police badges and have some dressing up costumes. The children are really enjoying exploring how to develop this area and what resources we need to make it fully functioning. 101_9963


In our writing lessons we have been learning about posters. Look at the fab work the P1/2’s have done on their fireworks display posters.

Fireworks pics


A bit later than billed, sorry!!

Remember Remember…..

Today we talked about fireworks! We wrote some brill fireworks poems and have started an excellent picture which we will finish tomorrow and get some snaps up for you to enjoy.

This afternoon when we were all cleared up from our painting we had a spare 5 minutes (a luxury we rarely enjoy!) so we opened up the oxford owl website and had a read at some ebooks. The site in amazing with books, interactive games and ideas for activities to do at home. It takes 2 minutes to register and LOADS of the content is FREE!!! Why not click here to pop over and have a look around ….