St Andrews Day

Today is St. Andrews day. We read a story about St. Andrew and learned all about his life, his death and why he is the patron saint of Scotland. We wrote about things that we learned…..

Silly Handwriting!

This morning we did our handwriting a little differently….. We had paper stuck underneath our desks, so we had to lie on the floor and write. The children really enjoyed the silliness of it.

“It was hard because people bump you and you don’t do a great t.” Ethan A

“It was really funny.” Rachel

“It was so good.” Braegyn

“Because you were under the table it was fun drawing up.” Ellie

“It was amazing.” Kiara

“It was very difficult to keep the pen straight. It won’t be as neat as my jotter.” Leah

11 people thought the work produced would be neater than their jotter work and 8 people thought it would be messier than their jotter work. We are excited to take the paper down later and see the results!!