Panto Fun

We had a brilliant time this morning visiting the Brunton Theatre to see their pantomime Aladdin. We clapped, danced and shouted along with the show. It really was fab. A fun time was had by all!!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

Christmas is in full swing here in P1/2! Today we were practising for our Nativity performance, singing Christmas songs, reading Christmas stories, playing with the small world Nativity scene and even doing some Christmas themed artwork! Phew!! What a busy day we have had….

Set 3 sounds

We have been working on our set 3 sounds in reading. Today we were looking at the sounds ou and ow. They are spelled differently but make the same sound. We were looking at different words that contain this sound and were trying to work out which spelling we should use. 101_9965


We have been reading the non-fiction book ‘Hens’. Today we told the other boys and girls in our class all about what a non-fiction book is and why you might want to read one.