“Today we practised the letter p in our handwriting.”  Olivia

“We also had fun doing our number work. All the groups were adding today.” Ellie

“We were writing about stuff you put in a cauldron for a witches soup!” Murray

“It was so fun today.” Aaron

“It was a really happy day today.” Braegyn

“It was a really good day! People got lots of house points.” Kiara


Today in P.E. we were moving around like different animals who come out during the day and then ones who come out at night.

Burns Day

Today not only did we participate in the special Burns assembly by singing the 3 craws (which we had also learned to sign with Mrs Collier) but we also made our own tartan kilts and read The Gruffalo in Scots!

We were all hoping it would be haggis tonight for dinner!

Number Formation

We are getting very good at writing our numbers! This is something that you can easily practise at home too. Why not try writing numbers using finger paints or with chalk out on the pavement!


Star Writer

What fab writing today! I was so excited to read the ending to all your stories about Mum caught in the rain. We have been working on finger spaces, capital letters, full stops and sounding out our words.

Here are  this weeks STAR WRITERS stories….




Today we started to learn about Diwali.

We learned that it is Hindu celebration. It is also called ‘The festival of lights.’ Although we are not sure why? We are going to do some investigating to find out all about Diwali and why it is referred to as the festival of lights.

We thought about a recent celebration that a lot of us had taken part in …. Christmas. We reminded ourselves that Christians celebrate Christmas to remember the birth of Jesus.

That got us thinking …. Why is Diwali celebrated? We want to find out the story behind it!


In gym today we were working on our travelling skills. We were running and walking as fast as we could and as slowly as we could. We found it really hard to maintain the slow walk!!

We then used these skills to play some games. We had loads of fun and were really tired by home time. Hopefully a peaceful night for parents are carers of sleepy P1/2’s!


Back with a BANG!!

Day 3 for the children, day 1 for Mrs Paterson! We had a great day today getting back into our routines. The children have been telling me all about their ‘new’ teacher Mrs Collier and updating me on all the wonderful things Santa had brought. We used this information and wrote Thank You letters to Santa. The children worked so hard on these and I was VERY impressed by their amazing work!

The P2’s spend his afternoon completing star assessments so Accelerated Reading books should be home in the message bags later this week.