It was an OWL!!

Did you guess correctly? We were making owls….

Wednesday means … Story Writing!

Everyone worked so hard on their writing task today! I was blown away by how great every story was. Well Done P1/2. Here are a few of this weeks star writers Ethan, Aaron, Kiara and Alex (although really this week everyone was a star writer).


What are we working on?

Soooo … we have been learning about nocturnal animals and reading the story about The Owl Who is Afraid of the Dark…. So what could this be? Come back tomorrow when hopefully we’ll be finished to find out!



As part of our Night and Day topic the children said they wanted to learn about he planets that were up in the sky. Today we looked at a picture of our solar system and talked about all the planets.

“They all go round and round.” Ethan A

“Some are hot and some are cold and it’s about how close they are.” Cole

Dark is Exciting

Today we read the first chapter of The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark. A boy told Plop that he thought the dark was exciting. He taught Plop all about fireworks. We thought about times we have seen fireworks. We watched a video of a fireworks display and made some fireworks pictures. We think fireworks are “AMAZING”, “BRIGHT”, “BEAUTIFUL”, “LOUD”, “SCARY”.

Thursday Afternoon

We continued our work on nocturnal animals this afternoon and we also learned the name for animals which sleep and night and are active during the day… DIURNAL. Although we had some fabby idea of our own as to what they should be called…

SUNimals      Lightnal      Day wakers  to name but a few! Well done P1/2


Great teamwork!

In P1/2 we unfortunately only have one large green Lego board. It is coveted by many …. Today 2 boys wanted to use it to build totally separate things. I asked them to discuss it between them and see if they could find a solution. The boys quickly came to a mutually agreeable resolution and build this fantastic model which they were both super proud of.

What fab communication and team work! House points all round.

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark

This afternoon we were thinking about animals that sleep during the day and come out at night. We learned that these kind of animals are NOCTURNAL. We started to read a story about a rather unfortunate owl called Plop who was nocturnal but was afraid of the dark. Today we thought about different ways we could help Plop when it’s dark. We worked together to draw pictures of our ideas.

“We could put a firefly in a glass jar and give it to him.” Kiara & Rachel

“We could give him a torch.” Ethan A & Murray

“We could put a nail in his tree and hang a wee light up.” Ellie & Grace

“Give him a star.” Lacey & Olivia

We are looking forward to reading more of the story to find out what happens to Plop!

Story Writing

WHAT A FABBY EFFORT!!  Everyone in P1/2 worked really hard on their story today. We were given the start of a story about a girl called Alison who met a man wearing a strange hat and cloak…. We thought lots about where he could be from and when wrote some AMAZING stories. Here are just a few of the great stories from today….