Writing in Sentences

Today in P1/2 we were writing some dinosaur themed sentences. We were making sure to use a capital letter at the start, finger space and use a full stop at the end. We also thought really hard about our spelling.

Empty Classroom Day

Today was global ‘Empty Classroom Day’. Not that we need an excuse here in P1/2 but we got ourselves outside to make some art this afternoon. We used bits and pieces that we found in the garden to create some pictures. Afterwards, we went to explore (and have some fun) in the nursery garden. We learned LOADS outside today!


We were very excited in class today when Police Scotland replied to our tweet! Why not follow us on twitter for quick updates about what we are doing, photo’s and links to new blog posts. Find us @epsinfants

JRSO Competition

Well done to Grace (1st place) and Clay (2nd place) who were the P1/2 winners of the JSRO design a cycling helmet competition.





Also a big well done to Ben and Euan for organising such a great competition.

Reading Interruption!

Today we were working had on our ‘igh’ sounding words outside when we heard a strange noise. We stopped and listened and thought it might be a plane. We went to have a look. Off past the fields we could see a helicopter.

We thought about the sounds in the word helicopter. We worked together to tally it. We did such a fab job because it is a really long word!

Then the helicopter flew right over our heads. We waved goodbye and got back to out reading.

Singing in the sunshine!

Mrs Payne was very kind and allowed us to take part in our singing games outside. We had lots of fun listening to metal instruments today.

Quiet Corner Reading

We took advantage of the lovely weather today. We took our RWInc work out to the quiet corner. We enjoyed paired reading.

Outdoor learning

Today we took our learning outside!!


Today the pre-schoolers made their first visit to the P1 classroom to join in with some activities. We had so much fun! Everyone really enjoyed themselves. We can’t wait to welcome them back next week.