Phew it’s Friday!

We have been working so hard today getting every thing ready for our Harvest assembly on Monday. We made cards to go out with the food packs too.


One of our reading groups have been reading a non-fiction book about puppets. Mrs Berry set them a task of making a sock puppet at home. Look at the FANTASTIC results. We had so much fun putting on little shows with them in the puppet theatre. Some other children saw how much fun the puppets were and have been making their own in the class.

When it rains I wear….


We have all been working hard today tallying the new green words which have come along with our new books. I hope you enjoy your new story tonight!


Today in Maths we have been thinking about pentagons. We know a pentagons magic number is 5 because it has 5 sides and 5 corners.



In health and wellbeing we have been thinking about what makes a good friend. We learned that a good friend listens to us. We played a listening game where we passed a short message around the circle in a whisper….. not ONCE did the correct message get to the end of the circle! We are all going to work on our listening skills 🙂

Read Write Inc

Today we were writing in sentences. We are trying hard to remember to use a capital letter at the start, finger spaces between words and a full stop at the end. We did an amazing job!

Maths Week Scotland

As part of Maths Week Scotland, this afternoon we have been painting shape pictures. We also played lots of maths games.