When it rains I wear….


We have all been working hard today tallying the new green words which have come along with our new books. I hope you enjoy your new story tonight!


Today in Maths we have been thinking about pentagons. We know a pentagons magic number is 5 because it has 5 sides and 5 corners.



In health and wellbeing we have been thinking about what makes a good friend. We learned that a good friend listens to us. We played a listening game where we passed a short message around the circle in a whisper….. not ONCE did the correct message get to the end of the circle! We are all going to work on our listening skills 🙂

Read Write Inc

Today we were writing in sentences. We are trying hard to remember to use a capital letter at the start, finger spaces between words and a full stop at the end. We did an amazing job!