2D Shape Hunt

“We looked all around our classroom to find different shapes.” Kristiana

“We had lots of squares, rectangles and circles.” Emma

“We didn’t have any pentagons that weren’t in the maths area.” Ellie

“We did have many triangles or hexagons.” Ellen


Today we started learning about shapes. We found different shapes and coloured them in. We also played lots of games. We really liked guess the shape. Someone gave clues about that shape they had picked and we had to guess what one it was.

Read Write Inc

Today we had a few super star workers at reading time. I am always very proud of the effort the boys and girls put in but today, even I was blown away. Well done everyone.

What is weather?

This afternoon we worked on our topic and thought about what weather is? We watched some videos of different types of weather and thought about what they look like, sound like and how they make us feel.

Then we went outside and looked at the weather today. We thought it was….

Image result for weather

Read Write Inc

Today we were learning all about the letter S.


We all worked so hard on our number work this morning!