Today we have been learning all about cubes. We learned that they can be big or small, red or blue but they ALWAYS are made up of 6 square faces and have 8 corners. We had lots of fun investigating whether they stack and how we can use cubes to build.


Halloween Party

WOW!! We have been invited to the Nursery’s Halloween party on Friday morning. We are so excited to go and join in with lots of fun Halloween activities.

We spent our literacy time today writing our RSVP to let them know we will be coming.

If we have a costume ready, we can dress up coming to school on Friday so we are ready for the party.

Rainfall after 1 week

So this time we left our rain gauge out for a week. We couldn’t believe it today when we opened it up and it only had 1.5cm of water (plus a few bugs) in it! That must have been some very heavy rain we had last week to get 4.5cm in one night.

I think I want to be a bee!

WOW! We had some fantastic reading and writing today from the Monkey reading group. We were using our ‘ee’ sound in our writing. Well done everyone!


Today some children from the nursery came to visit us with potatoes. These potatoes were very special because they had been grown by p5/6/7 in our garden.

The children in the nursery had helped Mrs Beasley cook them. They made plain boiled potatoes, garlic hasselback potatoes and buttered hasselback potatoes. And they came to share them with us!

We each chose which one we wanted to try. Tomorrow we are going to make a graph to show the choices we all made.

Rainfall Investigators

“Yesterday we put it outside so rain could go into it.” Scot

“We put it against the tree so it wouldn’t fall over.” Kristiana

“Today we went and got it and there was rain in it.” Ollie

“It had lots of rain in it.” Grace

“There was 4.5cm of rain in it.” Rachel

Health and Wellbeing

At circle time today we were thinking about things that we are more capable of doing ourselves as we grow and develop. I heard lots of fab things that people have been doing such as, the dishes, making their beds and reading books. We added these things to our Health and Wellbeing book.