Imaginative Writing

P1/2 have been doing some Imaginative writing about a Secret Cupboard. Jock the Croc had a message in his bag saying to go to the library. So we decided to go on an adventure around the school. We found a secret cupboard in the library and asked different members of staff what they thought was behind the door…

James thought there was a secret tunnel behind the door.
Mrs Hamilton said she thought it was a portal that takes you back in time.
Mrs Small believed the cupboard takes you to a secret garden.

The children then made a plan and came up with their own ideas for their story.

Science- Water Experiments

P1/2 have been doing different types of water experiments.
– Floating and sinking
– Making a boats – Will it sail or fail?
– Lime life jacket
– Freezing and melting
– Water colours – colourful cubes and what hue are you?

The children have been enjoying predicting and writing up science reports about their findings.