We continued to work on our patterns today. This week we looked at patterns with multiple repeating colours or shapes.


We have been having fun reading and playing sounding out games with our partners.

Imaginative Writing

P1/2 have been doing some Imaginative writing about a Secret Cupboard. Jock the Croc had a message in his bag saying to go to the library. So we decided to go on an adventure around the school. We found a secret cupboard in the library and asked different members of staff what they thought was behind the door…

James thought there was a secret tunnel behind the door.
Mrs Hamilton said she thought it was a portal that takes you back in time.
Mrs Small believed the cupboard takes you to a secret garden.

The children then made a plan and came up with their own ideas for their story.

Science- Water Experiments

P1/2 have been doing different types of water experiments.
– Floating and sinking
– Making a boats – Will it sail or fail?
– Lime life jacket
– Freezing and melting
– Water colours – colourful cubes and what hue are you?

The children have been enjoying predicting and writing up science reports about their findings.


In P1/2 today we started learning about pattern. Today we were thinking:




Today we were all working on taking away. We played games and completed activity sheets using our taking away skills. Some of us used our fingers to help us and some people were practising counting backwards to solve the take away calculations.