What Are We Working On?

At the end of each school year, it is important to reflect and look back at things we have done well and things we need to improve on. Take a peek at our standards and quality report to read about our reflections of last session. Elphinstone S & Q 2017- 2018

We used these reflections to write our new school improvement plan. Click here School Improvement Plan – Child Friendly to read our 2018 – 2019 School Improvement Plan. It details all the things that staff and pupils will be working on to make our school better.

Our Local Area

Today we went on a walk. We went to see around Elphinstone. We went to the park. On our walk we saw a speed bump, some traffic lights, houses, a water fountain, some cars, a lamp post, the miners club, the old pub, the shop, a farm and Layton’s house.

We still have more exploring to do around Elphinstone. By P1/2

Our Local Area

Our topic this term is Our Local Area. Today we had a look at some simple maps and learned about a compass.

Snow Day

Yesterday we had so much fun in the snow. In the afternoon we made snowy pictures and this morning we worked on a snow survey. We used the results of our snow survey to make a graph.

Snowy Day

Today we have been learning in the snow.

  • “I learned how to make a Snowdog.” Grace
  • “I learned how to make a snowball. I threw 3 at Mrs Beasley.” Scot
  • “I learned that your not supposed to kick a snowball to make it bigger.” Ellie
  • “I learned about counting in 3’s.” Ellen
  • “I learned about jumping and counting in 2’s.” Ollie
  • “I counted how long it took to sledge down the hill.” Aaron
  • “I learned how to make a big snowman.” Kristiana
  • “I learned how to count in 2’s.” Emma
  • “I learned if you run you will warm up.”
  • “I learned that playing in the snow is very cold!” Braegyn

Number Patterns

Today we looked at number patterns. We easily cracked some simple patterns such as,

1  2  1  2  1  2

1  2  3  4  5

6  5  4  3  2

0  2  4  6  8

1  3  5  7  9

But can you believe we even worked out how to find the next number in this pattern….,

1  2  4  8  16  32 …… and Ellie told us the next number would be 64 ….. Can you work out what would come after 64?