PE – Joe Wicks School Fitness

We had a change of plan for PE today due to pupil group meetings, so we decided to do one of Joe Wicks school fitness challenges. It was great fun and the kids did a fantastic job of following all the moves. Well done!

Morning Routines

We had a change to our morning routine today, as one of the pupils came up with the idea of signing in to register each pupil so we could if anyone was absent. All the pupils really enjoyed writing their name on the board. Beautiful handwriting! Great idea, well done.


Today we read a poem called ‘ I Like Me!’ by Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz. We then talked about what things we like about ourselves and others. We then decided to write our owns poems adding in all things we like about ourselves.


We have been working on our ICT skills today using the laptops.
The pupils have been able to:
– Turn on the computer
– Log on
– Find and click on the internet button
– Close a browser
– shut down the computer
Well done P1/2

PE – Basic Moves

In PE today we had four different stations to build on developing our rolling, jumping, throwing and co-ordination skills.

Morning Activities

Today before assembly we did a variety of activities: P1’s were practising writing the letter ‘g’, some of the P2s were doing different literacy activities,(buildings words, spelling). We also done some different numbers games.

Writing Thank You Letters to Santa

In our writing lesson today, we decided to write letters to Santa to thank him for all the wonderful presents he gave us.

The Elf Express

P1/2 had fun In PE today doing a Christmas game called Elf Express where they had to work as a team to collect and deliver presents. They were able to listen and work collaboratively with each other. Well done

Paired Reading

This afternoon the P1/2 enjoyed doing some paired reading with the P5/6/7.


We have been working on our number bonds today and doing some fun number games to help with our addition and subtraction.