Froid et Chaud

P1/2 and P3/4 are continuing to learn French each week with Mrs Scott. Through a variety of games and activities, the children learn many new words and phrases each week.

This is a hide and seek game. One child leaves the room and another child hides a toy. When the child returns and tries to find the toy, the rest of the children call “froid” (cold) or “chaud” (hot) to guide them to finding it. It was a fun and noisy game!

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Amazing Authors!

The boys and girls in P1/2 are becoming AMAZING AUTHORS! They have been working hard recently to create their very own books. The children have been thinking about what it means to be a an author and an illustrator. They have been using their imaginations and attempting to include WOW words in their stories. The boys and girls are all excited about our up-coming book launch; however, there is a lot of work and thinking to be done before our books will be ready for publishing!

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Check out this great website for free books to read online. There’s loads of stories to read although not all of the full text are available online.  Just click the age tab at the top to choose books which are at an appropriate level for your child.



Today p1/2 wrote some fab stories with the title … The Red Ball.

We were all thinking about, who? was going to be in our story, when? our story was going to happen, where? our story was going to take place and what? was going to happen in our story.