Number Patterns

Today we looked at number patterns. We easily cracked some simple patterns such as,

1  2  1  2  1  2

1  2  3  4  5

6  5  4  3  2

0  2  4  6  8

1  3  5  7  9

But can you believe we even worked out how to find the next number in this pattern….,

1  2  4  8  16  32 …… and Ellie told us the next number would be 64 ….. Can you work out what would come after 64?

Numeracy – Skip counting

We have been doing lots of different activities to help us skip count in 2’s,5’s and 10’s. We have also been doing lots of counting forwards and backwards and making number lines. Also arranging numbers smallest to largest and using education city to do different counting games.

Super Sentences

P2s have been looking at adding more detail to their sentences. We used picture cards to make a plan using, who, what, where and when. They then decided on one of the plans to write their very own super sentence.


Today in class we have been working on building interesting sentences. We used these picture cards to build a sentence and took turns to read them out. This is to help us when we build our own super sentences.


P1/2 have been learning to count in 2’s, 5’s and 10s. We have been using lacing plates to help with our skip counting


We continued to work on our patterns today. This week we looked at patterns with multiple repeating colours or shapes.


We have been having fun reading and playing sounding out games with our partners.

Imaginative Writing

P1/2 have been doing some Imaginative writing about a Secret Cupboard. Jock the Croc had a message in his bag saying to go to the library. So we decided to go on an adventure around the school. We found a secret cupboard in the library and asked different members of staff what they thought was behind the door…

James thought there was a secret tunnel behind the door.
Mrs Hamilton said she thought it was a portal that takes you back in time.
Mrs Small believed the cupboard takes you to a secret garden.

The children then made a plan and came up with their own ideas for their story.