Woodland Exploration Adventure!

What a glorious sunny day we chose for our woodland exploration day! It was perfect for all the planned activities with Leigh, our outdoor education Ranger. We found lots of minibeasts and Leigh showed us evidence of animal activity in the woods. We learned about Scottish wildlife and their habitats. In teams, the children solved food chain puzzles and noticed that all food chains begin with plants. The children enjoyed finding the animal models that Leigh had hidden in the undergrowth. They looked very realistic! We learned how plant seeds are spread by animals and weather and we even managed to hear the broom seeds popping in the heat of the sun!

The children split into teams to build a suitable hedgehog home out of twigs, leaves and feathers for Leigh’s hedgehog. Much fun and much laughter was had splashing and wading through the burn and under the bridge! We completed the day with campfire fun toasting marshmallows. Sticky! Jena and Leigh showed us how to make charcoal from willow bark which we will use in future art lessons. We packed a lot into one day and learned a great deal about the outdoor environment on our doorstep.