Botanics Visit- Exploring with our senses!


P3/4 enjoyed a day’s visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh for two educational workshops. These workshops support our topic on Living Things. We were met by Katy who ran both our morning and afternoon sessions on ‘Plants We Use’ and ‘The Secret of Trees’. ………..What did we learn?

Plants We Use

  • From the common to the exotic, to find out how plants are used every day for food, clothing, shelter.
  • To learn where plants come from.
  • To find out which parts of the plant we use.
  • To discover how plants benefit our society.

Secret of Trees

  • To follow the journey through the parts of the trees from roots to leaves to seeds to discover their secrets.
  • To explore using our senses and find out how important trees are to our lives.

The children enjoyed taking an amazing sensory trip through the natural world. They were encouraged to touch and smell the plants and Katy ‘treats’ to taste that came from plants they saw; papaya, pineapple, chocolate, ginger, banana, and jellybeans!

I was excited when I got to touch the plant and it felt smooth. Sara

My favourite thing was when I learned how a tree defends itself. Did you know that bark defends a tree? Jamie

The thing I remember about the trip was the big lily pads. Arran

I liked tasting things that was made by plants. I learned that roots suck water. Grace

I liked seeing the enormous cocoa beans and tasting it too. Kelvin

I learned that a kind of cactus gives us golden syrup. Matthew

I enjoyed the most was tasting the cocoa beans and feeling stuff and smelling as well. Jonathan

I liked touching the plants and running around the grounds. Max

My favourite thing was to see exotic plants. Some were funny. We were trying jelly beans, papaya and chocolate. Oli

I learned that bamboo makes lots of different things and that plants make medicine. Faith

My favourite thing was when squirrels came really close to us. I remember that some leaves were soft and furry. Abigail

 I liked looking at all the plants and doing the activities. Mason  

I was excited when I got to touch the plant and it felt smooth. Sara