Fairtrade leaflets


Learning intention: To write a persuasive and informative leaflet on Fairtrade.

Success Criteria: I can include all relevant details and organise my writing and graphics logically to show the main idea of Fairtrade:

  • The Fairtrade logo
  • Where in the world some of our foods come from
  • Fairtrade products that can be bought in our supermarkets
  • How Fairtrade helps farmers
  • Fairtrade Premium- how does it help communities?
  • Advice given to farmers
  • I have a clear, titled front page
  • I have used headings to mark each section of the leaflet
  • I have used captions / labels to explain my graphics
  • I can use appropriate punctuation including commas, question marks and bullet points
  • I have spelled words correctly
  • My Fairtrade leaflet is attractive and neatly presented.

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