Using Maps and Atlases

I can display my knowledge of the geography of the United Kingdom: Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland.

IMG_9565 IMG_9564 IMG_9563  IMG_9566

I can understand and use an atlas to find out the location of and information on:

  • Cities and towns
  • rivers and mountains
  • Oceans, Seas and Channels
  • airports and seaports

IMG_9567 IMG_9568

IMG_9573 IMG_9574

I can discuss and compare information I find in maps and can accurately say where in the UK they are located.

I understand and can use the terms:

  • compass positions: North South, East, West
  • map keys
  • grid references

IMG_9570 IMG_9571IMG_9572 IMG_9576

We had a competitive team learning challenge which consolidated our learning. Everybody managed very well and worked co-operatively on this task.