Some pupils from primaries 5, 6 and 7 become Forensic Scientists on a Thursday afternoon when we meet for Science club.
Week one – The scientists had to find out which pen was used to write the incriminating message using chromatography.
Week two – Who spilt the hot chocolate powder in the staff room? The scientists investigated the fingerprints of everyone still in the school building. It was…

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The Latest News

Following the discovery of a crashed UFO on 3rd March, P3/4/5 have been writing Newspaper reports and presented an Assembly (in the form of a TV news report) to parents/carers and the rest of the school to share their learning about Space.
We finished off our Space topic with an AMAZING trip to the SkyTV Skills Academy where we learned about all the different jobs people do to create a real TV news report. We then got to use specialised equipment to make a report about “Mission to Mars.” We invited the P6/7 class to join us and help with the report.

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A ‘GIANT’ drama

On 6th February, Shonagh Davidson came to tell us the story of a mountain called Giant.

We really enjoyed acting out all the different things we would do under Giant’s watchful eye.

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P3/4/5 Space Topic

We are all very excited to be learning about Space and Miss McGregor has made our Learning Wall look like the
“night sky filled with stars.”
We hope to announce plans for a trip soon, but meanwhile, Alistair’s Mum suggested a night visit to the Royal Observatory Edinburgh might be fun. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be a school activity so you would have to make your own arrangements. Please see the link below.
Winter Astronomy Evenings
October 2014 – April 2015
Weekly events on Friday evenings from 3rd October 2014. 6:30pm – 7:30pm and 8pm – 9pm. Last winter session on April 24th 2015.


P 3/4/5 were lucky to have a Gymnastics specialist teacher on Monday 29th Sep. She set up a challenging course for everyone who showed off their balancing, rolling, jumping and landing skills.

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P3/4/5 Farm Competition

During the half term holiday, a few P3/4/5 pupils made their own Farmyard.

Congratulations to all for the great variety of farms they managed to show us.

Particularly “Well Done” to Lewis for being chosen as having the winning entry.
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Roman Trip to the Museum

On Wednesday, P3/4/5 were a credit to Elphinstone Primary School when they visited the National Museum of Scotland to learn more about the Romans. We were entertained by a Roman soldier who taught us about all the different kinds of weapons they used, how gladiators were trained and what happened to the unfortunate slave who was fed to the lions!

We also found out that “thumbs down” meant save, not kill the gladiator! Hollywood has a lot to answer for…