Thank you!

Thank you so much to P3/4 parents and children for all the lovely gifts, beautiful cards and very kind words! I was overwhelmed by your generosity! What a lovely class and school to end my career on. It’s been fun! I’ll miss the children dreadfully! Have a great summer. I promise to visit you sometime.

Love from Karen x


Treasure Island

This term, the class have listened to and read an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous book, ‘Treasure Island’.   Jim Hawkins sets sail searching for buried treasure and adventure, and finds himself caught up in a deadly mutiny. He manages to outwit the cunning pirate Long John Silver in order to stay alive! An exciting plot!

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This has been a very popular book. The children have loved reading about all the characters, and the many twists and turns in this adventure story. As well as being a Literacy theme, ‘Treasure Island’ has led to many other lessons in Maths, Social Studies and Expressive Arts.

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We learned how authors like Stevenson build up suspense in their story, and that good description helps to create a picture in the reader’s mind. The class enjoyed writing their own exciting pirate stories. 

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 After reading Treasure Island, we made puppets of all the characters from wooden spoons. Everybody made a pirate puppet and chose one or two other characters from the story. The puppet show was great fun with lots of action and scary pirate voices! Everybody took turns for the main parts and  the narrator in the different scenes. People were very resourceful with props for our play! 

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Rockpool Rambling!


P1-7 enjoyed a school trip to North Berwick Seabird Centre for indoor and outdoor workshops. We first watched a PowerPoint on the type of marine creatures that we might find in the rock-pools at low tide. We learned their names, what they looked like and what each creature feeds on. 

With support and guidance of the Seabird Centre staff, the children spent the morning enjoying exploring lots of rock-pools at the beach beside the Seabird Centre. It was great fun but some of us were over-enthusiastic wading into the rock-pools and managed to get soaking wet! We had to look hard as the creatures were very well hidden and camouflaged. We collected what we had found in trays so that we could see the creatures more clearly and then returned them to the rock-pools afterwards.



Buddhism learning intentions

I can explain who Buddha is and where Buddhism was founded.

I can compare Buddhist beliefs with beliefs of other religions

I can name and explain the meaning of Buddhist symbols

I can explain which places are special for Buddhists

I can explain what happens at a major Buddhist festival.


Our Buddhism display: lotus flowers, Buddhist Mandalas and Temples.


Using Maps and Atlases

I can display my knowledge of the geography of the United Kingdom: Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland.

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I can understand and use an atlas to find out the location of and information on:

  • Cities and towns
  • rivers and mountains
  • Oceans, Seas and Channels
  • airports and seaports

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IMG_9573 IMG_9574

I can discuss and compare information I find in maps and can accurately say where in the UK they are located.

I understand and can use the terms:

  • compass positions: North South, East, West
  • map keys
  • grid references

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We had a competitive team learning challenge which consolidated our learning. Everybody managed very well and worked co-operatively on this task.

Feelings about Bullying

We discussed bullying; what it is and how people feel when they are bullied. Our class task, set by Mrs Williams for our feedback assembly, was to design posters showing how we feel when we are bullied. Each poster looked very different but they all had the same message of how we feel when we are bullied.


Paralympic Experience Event

I would like to share with you the promotional video that was made during the East of Scotland Paralympic Experience Event that Max and Jonathan attended in March.  They are both in the video. This video promotes the event and helps break down barriers for pupils, parents, and explains what the event is about. Jonathan and Max had a brilliant day taking part in a variety of  sports and making new friends.




Improving our football skills

On Wednesday the class we enjoyed learning football skills. We learned how to control the ball with different parts of our feet and were shown a few tricks to move the ball away from our opponents. To end the session, we played a few 3 aside football matches.


Hit and sunk!

Learning outcome: To explore different grid systems and can use them to describe and locate positions

The class have been learning grid references and today we applied our learning in a game of ‘Battleships’. The class first observed Mrs Thomson playing against Mrs Braby. Once everybody had learned the rules and understood how to play ‘Battleships’, we were paired up with a partner to play our own game to try and find each other’s ships.


It demanded a lot of concentration to make sure we were finding and recording the grid references correctly. The first person to hit and sink all their opponent’s ships was the winner. There were some very exciting and close games!

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