The Banana Chain

The class were split into the five working groups involved in the banana chain: Plantation owners, banana workers, shippers, exporters & ripeners, supermarket owners. Each group learned about their job and all the difficulties and costs they have to deal with. 

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If each banana sells for 20p, then how much of this should each working group get? Who should get the larger share? Who should get the smallest share? Each group argued their case and worked out how the 20p should be split.

IMG_9098 IMG_9099 IMG_9100 IMG_9102  The pupils learned that the banana farmers get paid the smallest and the supermarkets get the largest amount.  No matter how hard they work, the farmers will remain poor. 

The class have learned how Fairtrade helps farmers to get out of poverty. We watched a film that shows how Fairtrade has helped Kenyan Tea farmers to improve their working conditions and the lives of their community.

A wee bit o’ Scots….

On 25th January we learned about the life of the great poet, Robert Burns. We listened to a few of his famous poems and songs and sang ‘Auld Lang Syne’. 

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During the rest of the week the class participated in map work and other activities to learn more about our country and our culture. When we learn about Kenya, we will be able to make comparisons and discuss the similarities and differences. 

Matching Scottish phrases with their definitions. The teams were competing against each other on this task. The children did very well working out Scots words.

IMG_8745 IMG_8750 IMG_8749

IMG_8752 Haggis drive

IMG_8737 IMG_8741

Grace and Abigail performed a sword dance

Learning Street Sense

 Today P3/4 observed and recorded road traffic through Main Street in Elphinstone. It was also an opportunity to discuss and consolidate our learning in the classroom on road safety and the children were able to decide and give reasons for safe/ unsafe places to cross the busy road through Elphinstone. There was plenty of discussion on various road markings and the purpose of the double yellow lines and zigzag markings painted outside the school. 

IMG_8313  IMG_8312

Through the programme ‘Streetsense’, pupils have been engaged in a variety of interactive activities on road safety.

Success Criteria: Green cross code

  • I am learning to assess and manage risk, to protect myself and others, and to reduce the potential for harm when possible.
  • I know and can demonstrate how to travel safely.

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Success Criteria:  Safer route

  • I have explored a variety of ways in which data is presented and can ask and answer questions about the information it contains.
  • I can access, retrieve and use information from electronic sources to support, enrich or extend learning in different contexts.

Woodland Exploration Adventure!

What a glorious sunny day we chose for our woodland exploration day! It was perfect for all the planned activities with Leigh, our outdoor education Ranger. We found lots of minibeasts and Leigh showed us evidence of animal activity in the woods. We learned about Scottish wildlife and their habitats. In teams, the children solved food chain puzzles and noticed that all food chains begin with plants. The children enjoyed finding the animal models that Leigh had hidden in the undergrowth. They looked very realistic! We learned how plant seeds are spread by animals and weather and we even managed to hear the broom seeds popping in the heat of the sun!

The children split into teams to build a suitable hedgehog home out of twigs, leaves and feathers for Leigh’s hedgehog. Much fun and much laughter was had splashing and wading through the burn and under the bridge! We completed the day with campfire fun toasting marshmallows. Sticky! Jena and Leigh showed us how to make charcoal from willow bark which we will use in future art lessons. We packed a lot into one day and learned a great deal about the outdoor environment on our doorstep. 

Writing a Personal Account

Learning Intention: To write a personal account on our Outdoor Education trip to Musselburgh Lagoon.

Success Criteria:  

  • I can write several pieces of relevant information
  • When? Who? Where? What? Why? How?
  • I can write about what happened in the correct order
  • I can use my phonics knowledge to spell words correctly
  • I can use joining words: and, but, then, because

IMG_7278 IMG_7277 IMG_7276

Sharing our Learning: After writing most of our personal account, we shared what we had written with our shoulder partner. They gave us feedback and this helped us to improve our work.

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