Treasure Island

This term, the class have listened to and read an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous book, ‘Treasure Island’.   Jim Hawkins sets sail searching for buried treasure and adventure, and finds himself caught up in a deadly mutiny. He manages to outwit the cunning pirate Long John Silver in order to stay alive! An exciting plot!

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This has been a very popular book. The children have loved reading about all the characters, and the many twists and turns in this adventure story. As well as being a Literacy theme, ‘Treasure Island’ has led to many other lessons in Maths, Social Studies and Expressive Arts.

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We learned how authors like Stevenson build up suspense in their story, and that good description helps to create a picture in the reader’s mind. The class enjoyed writing their own exciting pirate stories. 

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 After reading Treasure Island, we made puppets of all the characters from wooden spoons. Everybody made a pirate puppet and chose one or two other characters from the story. The puppet show was great fun with lots of action and scary pirate voices! Everybody took turns for the main parts and  the narrator in the different scenes. People were very resourceful with props for our play! 

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Buddhism learning intentions

I can explain who Buddha is and where Buddhism was founded.

I can compare Buddhist beliefs with beliefs of other religions

I can name and explain the meaning of Buddhist symbols

I can explain which places are special for Buddhists

I can explain what happens at a major Buddhist festival.


Our Buddhism display: lotus flowers, Buddhist Mandalas and Temples.


Book Reviews

For World Book Day the class wrote book reviews on fiction books that we have enjoyed reading this term. We wrote about the plot, the characters and why we recommended the book to friends.

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These were displayed nicely together with 3D drawings of them reading their book. We added a speech bubble with our positive thoughts on reading books. These attractive posters will be judged by Mrs Berry and Mrs Small next week, and the winner will choose a book from our school ‘Book Fair’. They will have a tough time choosing a winner as everybody did an excellent job with this writing and drawing task!

Kenyan Art

Flying to Kenya

First we looked at brochures to find out about holidays in Kenya. We found out that there were nice hotels with swimming pools and and lots to see and do in this interesting country. The Safaris looks fun! Time to book our flights….

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We learned that flights to Kenya were from London. We discussed the different ways we would get to Heathrow Airport in London. 

IMG_8807  Passport, ticket and boarding pass ready! Let’s go to the airport…..



Checking in our luggage and going through airport security and passport control. 

IMG_8806 IMG_8805 Boarding our flight. The Cabin Crew welcome us aboard Kenyan Airways. The Flight attendants prepare us for take off. Pilot Stable and Pilot Moore talk us through the flight. It will take 10 hours! 



Singing Workshop

The pupils in P3/4 enjoyed a singing workshop led by Sheila Payne, a member of staff from the National Youth Choir of Scotland. The children had fun learning a variety of singing games. 

East Lothian Council and NYCoS have been in partnership for 10 years and run Singing Groups in six main towns, including Tranent. A letter was sent home in your child’s message bag with further details. These after school Singing Groups have been very successful in previous years.  There is no cost to parents.