Treasure Island

This term, the class have listened to and read an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous book, ‘Treasure Island’.   Jim Hawkins sets sail searching for buried treasure and adventure, and finds himself caught up in a deadly mutiny. He manages to outwit the cunning pirate Long John Silver in order to stay alive! An exciting plot!

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This has been a very popular book. The children have loved reading about all the characters, and the many twists and turns in this adventure story. As well as being a Literacy theme, ‘Treasure Island’ has led to many other lessons in Maths, Social Studies and Expressive Arts.

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We learned how authors like Stevenson build up suspense in their story, and that good description helps to create a picture in the reader’s mind. The class enjoyed writing their own exciting pirate stories. 

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 After reading Treasure Island, we made puppets of all the characters from wooden spoons. Everybody made a pirate puppet and chose one or two other characters from the story. The puppet show was great fun with lots of action and scary pirate voices! Everybody took turns for the main parts and  the narrator in the different scenes. People were very resourceful with props for our play! 

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Hit and sunk!

Learning outcome: To explore different grid systems and can use them to describe and locate positions

The class have been learning grid references and today we applied our learning in a game of ‘Battleships’. The class first observed Mrs Thomson playing against Mrs Braby. Once everybody had learned the rules and understood how to play ‘Battleships’, we were paired up with a partner to play our own game to try and find each other’s ships.


It demanded a lot of concentration to make sure we were finding and recording the grid references correctly. The first person to hit and sink all their opponent’s ships was the winner. There were some very exciting and close games!

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Our Bake Sale

Our class enjoyed organising this term’s bake sale. It was popular with everyone in the school including nursery and the playgroup. The P3/4 enjoyed being in charge of selling the delicious cakes and biscuits and it was good experience for reinforcing working with money and giving the correct change. It was a busy morning! Thank you to the mums who helped out.

We raised £62.05!

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Learning Street Sense

 Today P3/4 observed and recorded road traffic through Main Street in Elphinstone. It was also an opportunity to discuss and consolidate our learning in the classroom on road safety and the children were able to decide and give reasons for safe/ unsafe places to cross the busy road through Elphinstone. There was plenty of discussion on various road markings and the purpose of the double yellow lines and zigzag markings painted outside the school. 

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Through the programme ‘Streetsense’, pupils have been engaged in a variety of interactive activities on road safety.

Success Criteria: Green cross code

  • I am learning to assess and manage risk, to protect myself and others, and to reduce the potential for harm when possible.
  • I know and can demonstrate how to travel safely.

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Success Criteria:  Safer route

  • I have explored a variety of ways in which data is presented and can ask and answer questions about the information it contains.
  • I can access, retrieve and use information from electronic sources to support, enrich or extend learning in different contexts.