Paralympic Experience Event

I would like to share with you the promotional video that was made during the East of Scotland Paralympic Experience Event that Max and Jonathan attended in March.  They are both in the video. This video promotes the event and helps break down barriers for pupils, parents, and explains what the event is about. Jonathan and Max had a brilliant day taking part in a variety of  sports and making new friends.




Improving our football skills

On Wednesday the class we enjoyed learning football skills. We learned how to control the ball with different parts of our feet and were shown a few tricks to move the ball away from our opponents. To end the session, we played a few 3 aside football matches.


Cluster Badminton Festival

On Tuesday we went to a cluster Badminton Festival at Ross High where we made some new friends and had lots of fun practising our badminton skills.  It was organised by the ELC Badminton development officer, who was recently awarded an ‘British Empire’ award from the queen for all her hard work and dedication to the sport! 

IMG_8826 IMG_8815