Treasure Island

This term, the class have listened to and read an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous book, ‘Treasure Island’.   Jim Hawkins sets sail searching for buried treasure and adventure, and finds himself caught up in a deadly mutiny. He manages to outwit the cunning pirate Long John Silver in order to stay alive! An exciting plot!

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This has been a very popular book. The children have loved reading about all the characters, and the many twists and turns in this adventure story. As well as being a Literacy theme, ‘Treasure Island’ has led to many other lessons in Maths, Social Studies and Expressive Arts.

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We learned how authors like Stevenson build up suspense in their story, and that good description helps to create a picture in the reader’s mind. The class enjoyed writing their own exciting pirate stories. 

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 After reading Treasure Island, we made puppets of all the characters from wooden spoons. Everybody made a pirate puppet and chose one or two other characters from the story. The puppet show was great fun with lots of action and scary pirate voices! Everybody took turns for the main parts and  the narrator in the different scenes. People were very resourceful with props for our play! 

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Using Maps and Atlases

I can display my knowledge of the geography of the United Kingdom: Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland.

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I can understand and use an atlas to find out the location of and information on:

  • Cities and towns
  • rivers and mountains
  • Oceans, Seas and Channels
  • airports and seaports

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I can discuss and compare information I find in maps and can accurately say where in the UK they are located.

I understand and can use the terms:

  • compass positions: North South, East, West
  • map keys
  • grid references

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We had a competitive team learning challenge which consolidated our learning. Everybody managed very well and worked co-operatively on this task.

3D Safari Scenes

To end our Kenya topic, the children made their own individual 3D Safari scenes which reflected much of what they had learned about Kenyan National Parks. They were very creative and very detailed. Mrs Williams visited our classroom to see the magnificent work and to hear each person talk about what was happening in their scene. Mrs Williams then told us all about the Safari trips she had made in South Africa and the amazing things she did and saw on them! 


The Big Five

The Big Five: ElephantRhinocerosLionLeopardBuffalo

The class completed a research homework task on at least three of the African animals from ‘The Big Five’. In class each child chose two animals and worked on presenting the information they had found as: 

  • A PowerPoint presentation 
  • An information poster

Pupils had the opportunity to talk about their completed work to the rest of the class. The posters have now been displayed in the classroom.

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Kenyan talk by Mr Ralston

Mr Ralston visited our class on Friday and gave a very interesting talk to the class about his visits to Kenya. Through the Boys Brigade organisation and their fundraising, Mr Ralston was able to make several visits to Kenyan schools and children centres to help them to improve their facilities. In a powerpoint he showed us some of the people and children he was able to help.

IMG_9175 Picture2

Picture3 Picture1 Picture4

 Mr Ralston told us a lot about the everyday life of the Kenyan people he met and the amazing experiences he had on safari and when visiting the Mara Maasai Game Reserve.  He passed around several Kenyan artefacts and Kenyan money.
The class thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and the children asked many good questions throughout. Mr Ralston was impressed with the class and commented on their good knowledge of Kenya and their obvious enthusiasm to learn more. 


The Banana Chain

The class were split into the five working groups involved in the banana chain: Plantation owners, banana workers, shippers, exporters & ripeners, supermarket owners. Each group learned about their job and all the difficulties and costs they have to deal with. 

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If each banana sells for 20p, then how much of this should each working group get? Who should get the larger share? Who should get the smallest share? Each group argued their case and worked out how the 20p should be split.

IMG_9098 IMG_9099 IMG_9100 IMG_9102  The pupils learned that the banana farmers get paid the smallest and the supermarkets get the largest amount.  No matter how hard they work, the farmers will remain poor. 

The class have learned how Fairtrade helps farmers to get out of poverty. We watched a film that shows how Fairtrade has helped Kenyan Tea farmers to improve their working conditions and the lives of their community.

Making a mud house

We have been looking at Kenyan lifestyles. Most Kenyans live in big cities like Nairobi or Mombasa. In rural Kenya, people live in small houses. Some of these houses are made from mud.

James, our janitor worked with the class in small groups to build our own mud house.

Flying to Kenya

First we looked at brochures to find out about holidays in Kenya. We found out that there were nice hotels with swimming pools and and lots to see and do in this interesting country. The Safaris looks fun! Time to book our flights….

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We learned that flights to Kenya were from London. We discussed the different ways we would get to Heathrow Airport in London. 

IMG_8807  Passport, ticket and boarding pass ready! Let’s go to the airport…..



Checking in our luggage and going through airport security and passport control. 

IMG_8806 IMG_8805 Boarding our flight. The Cabin Crew welcome us aboard Kenyan Airways. The Flight attendants prepare us for take off. Pilot Stable and Pilot Moore talk us through the flight. It will take 10 hours! 



A wee bit o’ Scots….

On 25th January we learned about the life of the great poet, Robert Burns. We listened to a few of his famous poems and songs and sang ‘Auld Lang Syne’. 

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During the rest of the week the class participated in map work and other activities to learn more about our country and our culture. When we learn about Kenya, we will be able to make comparisons and discuss the similarities and differences. 

Matching Scottish phrases with their definitions. The teams were competing against each other on this task. The children did very well working out Scots words.

IMG_8745 IMG_8750 IMG_8749

IMG_8752 Haggis drive

IMG_8737 IMG_8741

Grace and Abigail performed a sword dance