Donald and Max came to play!

Today Annette came to read us a story with Donald the Dinosaur and Max the Dog. The story was ‘The Selfish Crocodile’ and it was about a crocodile who had a broken tooth. His tooth was sore which made him grumpy. A little mouse came along and got rid of the sore tooth. The crocodile felt good when the tooth was gone.

We learnt that we have to look after out teeth by brushing them every day.

We counted Max’s teeth and he had ten at the top and ten at the bottom just like us!

We then helped to brush Donald and Max’s teeth. It was fun!

Transient Art

We have been very busy making some lovely transient artwork. We’ve been using cold colours, learning to share and take turns. It helps us develop our fine motor skills.

Through this we learn about shades of colours, matching and sorting, developing our imagination, comparing size and also name recognition to name a few.

I’m sure you will agree how pretty the collages are.

The Big Wedding!

There was a big wedding in nursery last week as Millie’s rabbit, Sophie got married to Piglet.

The children planned for the wedding by collecting flowers, and dressing up the teddies.  They even made an invitation and gave it to Mrs Williams.

Ollie thought we should have coca cola to drink while Luke and Lucy made a wedding cake.

Sophie walked down the aisle with Millie while Piglet waited at the alter with Georgia.  Once they said their vows they signed the register.  Then they all went back to the house for a party with lots of cake and dancing.

‘It was the best wedding in the world!’ said Georgia.


Freaky Friday…

There were some really spooky goings on in Nursery on Friday when the Halloween party that was organised by Luke, Lucy, Millie and Georgia took place.

The whole school visited us to take part in apple dooking, donut eating, and lots of messy fun!


Lending Library

Each Wednesday we have a lending library.  This gives all our children the opportunity to take a book home for a week and then bring it back in to exchange for another book the following week.

Thank you to Freya’s mum for coming in to help the children choose a new book.

If you would like to help with this another week please see the sign up sheet in the nursery cloakroom.

Enjoying baking with some parents

We’ve had the pleasure of two parents coming to help bake with us this week.

On Monday, Luke and Lucy’s Dad came in and made biscuits for snack. They made so many we were able to take some to the woods the next day.

On Thursday, Ollie’s mum came in and made some Butterfly cakes. They had to use the zest of an orange to make them really tasty.

Thank you!

We always welcome parents into our nursery. You don’t have to be able to compete on Masterchef to bake with us, just be enthusiastic!

Nature Kindergarten is Back!


Our first Nature Kindergarten session of the year was this week and we were lucky with the weather. It stayed dry but a little windy!

It was great to see the children from last year re-discover the woodland and the new starts experience it for the first time.

Remember to dress your child with lots of layers on these days as it’s easier to take a layer off if you’re too warm than be cold!

Yummy for our tummys!

We have been so busy exploring in our garden as well as the school garden.  We had a look in the cage garden to see if there was work to do. After some watering and weeding we found some peas in their pods.  They made a ‘pop’ sound as we opened them.

They were really tasty!


Then we tried some Sugar Snap Peas. They were really crunchy and sweet.


We found some ‘magic’ beans in the nursery garden. We picked them, prepared them, cooked them and had them for snack. They were even better because we grew them ourselves!


We also found some Blackberries. There weren’t many that were ready to eat yet but the few we did find were really juicy and sweet.

All set and ready to go!

Nursery Class Photo

All our children are now with us for the full session and have settled well into nursery life, remembering routines from last year and discovery new ones.

We are all excited to start challenging ourselves and discover new experiences as we go.  The children already have loads of ideas of what they want to learn about this year!

We are always keen to welcome parents and carers into our nursery and rotas are up in the cloakroom for anyone who may wish to help us with activities.

There are:

  • Weekly lending library on a Wednesday between 11 and 12.
  • Baking with the children – you don’t have to be Mary Berry just a willing helper!
  • Come in and read us a story – the children LOVE a cosy story in our story corner.
  • Fortnightly story sacks will be starting again this year.  Letter will be issued in your child’s blue bag soon.
  • Nature Kindergarten is starting again soon….look out for more information shortly.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Nursery Team