P6/7 Mock Scottish Referendum Vote

Pupils researched, from different sources, information on the Scottish Rererendum and on 18th September, they gave a presentation on the facts on the campaign and offered opinions on the question:

Should Scotland be an independent country?

IMG_4193 IMG_4220IMG_4196IMG_4221

The boys and girls took this very seriously  and made excellent speeches that represented the varied opinions on Scottish independence and engaged in lively debate on their views.

IMG_4219 IMG_4212We were very lucky to be able to visit the polling station and to see the voting booths and the sealed ballot box. We listened to each of the campaigners for YES and NO. They each had 3 mins to state their case on why they agreed or disagreed to the Scottish independence.  

IMG_4211 IMG_4210

 It was now time for the class to cast their own vote in our class mock Scottish Referendum. Pupils individually cast their vote in answer to the question: 

Should Scotland be an independent country?IMG_4243 

Our ballot paper was identical to the real one in the polling station and we used an old pupil council box as our ballot box. IMG_4222IMG_4233

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  1. Great idea to get the pupils involved in such an important current affairs issue.

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