Rosa Parks

Shonagh Davidson, a drama specialist, spent a morning with us working on a variety of activities.

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We learned about the story of Rosa Parks and acted out the famous scene (from 1955 in Alabama, USA) when she refused to obey the law, which was that a black person must give up their seat to a white person on the bus. Her act made a stand for human rights and lead to changes in the law towards equality and justice for everyone, whatever the colour of their skin.

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We had turns of acting out the black and white people on the bus, the bus driver, Rosa Parks and the police who arrested her. We discussed the possible reactions of the various people on the bus that day.

In class we watched a BBC Learning Zone clip on Rosa’s life. Click here to watch. This prompted further discussions on racism and the laws of segregation in Alabama in the 1950’s and we made comparisons with today.  

As a follow up to these lessons, the class have written reports on the story of Rosa Parks.

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