Our WWII Research Booklets

The children have worked very hard on their research tasks, which are now completed and displayed in class for others to look at. Everybody chose their own topic to research and there is a good variety of project subjects:

Sophie- World War II Aircraft    Aimee- Anne Frank    Aaron- Blitz   Josh- Britain vs Germany in WWII    Amalea- Story of Anne Frank   Daisy- Animals in WWII    Hayley- Evacuation    Leon- Vehicles in WWII    Lauren- Auschwitz    Jessica- Rationing    Latisha- Blitz    Erin- Anne Frank    Emma- Rationing in WWII    Lara- Amazing Aircrafts    Charlotte- The Untold Truth: The Holocaust                                    

The booklets make interesting reading! I loved reading them and learned quite a lot of new information on WWII. Well done P6/7! You deserve to be proud of your achievements!