Dog Trust Workshop

Rachel from ‘Dog Trust’ returned to Elphinstone to carry out follow up workshops with individual classes. These followed on from last week’s assembly. In the  P6/7 workshop Rachel talked about case studies of dogs and the type of care they received from ‘Dog Trust’. There were very sad stories of neglected dogs but it was good to hear of the positive outcomes when each dog was treated and returned to good health. They were then adopted by new owners.  The  discussions focussed on the five welfare needs of a dog. 

The Five Welfare Needs

A Good DietRight type of food to keep them fit

Somewhere Suitable to LiveRight type of environment

Protection from pain, injury and diseasePrevention and rapid treatment

The need to express normal behaviourEnough space, facilities and opportunities

The need for companionshipTo be housed with, or away from, other animals

The Dog Trust can receive lots of applications to adopt a dog. Each application is looked at carefully so that suitable homes can be found for every dog. The class were given information cards about different dogs at the Dog Trust, and several applications from interested people who wanted to adopt a dog. In groups the pupils worked together to discuss the welfare needs of each dog before making the important decision on the best and most suitable matches. The children completed this task very well.