More Camper Comments

Lauren- Hi mum! The obstacle course is really good fun but it’s really mucky!

Lara- Hi mum & dad! I’m loving it here at Lockerbie. The staff are so nice.

Aaron- Hi mum & dad.The camp’s going really well. The activities are so much fun.

Leon- Hi Huw and Fritz. My favourite activity so far is the obstacle course because I got REALLY muddy!

Charlotte- Hi Smokey! I’m caked in mud!

Aimee- Hi mum! My favourite activities have been high ropes and obstacles. It is too hot here!!!

Hayley- Hi family, some of the high ropes were hard but I managed to make it out alive!

Latisha- Hi Nana! So far it’s been amazing! I managed to do all the high ropes…..twice!

Sophie- Hi mum and dad, high ropes were the best! I hope you had a good birthday mum!