Terrific Thursday!

It was a very busy  full on, action-packed day with many more challenging and fun activities. Fencing, blind trail, high ropes, abseiling and team games are just a few. Parents and carers, you will be as proud as Mrs Berry and I when you hear of the children’s incredible achievements! Many conquered their fears in jaw- dropping, astounding and daring tasks. Totally fearless! Great fun to do and watch.

Many of the activities required the children to work together in teams to successfully  complete a task. Everyone managed  so well in their activity groups to support and cheer each other on.

Well done Elphinstone P6/7 for your fantastic manners and behaviour throughout this camp trip. You’ve been brilliant!

The camp staff have been superb with the children. Their good humour and boundless enthusiasm really shone through and helped make these days so positive, and the activities very entertaining! We can’t praise them enough.

More pupil comments to follow.