The best thing about camp is…

The best thing about Lockerbie Manor adventure is…..

Jessica- All the activities and the pod village.

Erin- The food, the instructors and high ropes because I found high ropes really fun even although I was scared of heights!

Emma- My favourite thing was the activities because I learned a lot and had fun.

Lara- The food is amazing! The staff were lovely and helpful.

Charlotte- The thrilling activities. The food is lovely as well.

Sophie- The food! I loved abseiling because it was great fun!

Lauren- My favourite was the high ropes because the instructors were really good and supportive even although I was afraid of heights.

Amber- Making new friends. I really enjoyed it all.

Amy- Getting to know different people. The only bad thing is that the time went too fast.

Hayley- Everything! I was proud of myself on the high ropes.

Leon- I loved the food and the activities. I was good at all the high stuff.

Josh- The food! The staff were really nice and the activities were really fun to do.

Amalea- Meeting new friends and the high ropes. I was scared at first but I got to the end!

Daisy- All the activities. The obstacle course was the best because it was the muddiest.

Latisha- Everything! My favourite thing was the high ropes. The pod was really good.

Aaron- I liked it all. I liked running around and all the activities because a lot of them I’d not done before.

Aimee- The activities and the staff are all lovely!